It's been a long time since my last post. I wonder if anyone still read my blog but for those who still read it I want to say Hello! 

I've been super busy with Uni stuff. The new semester has begun and I have to keep up my GPA. Also, I still write article and taking picture for svanapaper.com if you want to read my article you can click here. The last gig I went to was Pandai Besi Mini Concert and White Shoes and The Couples Company Live at Goethe, it was super fun I had a great time. So yeah that's that. hehe.

For the past few weeks I've been obsessed with Arctic Monkeys' new album 'AM'. Their fifth album is a masterpiece. It's really great. Very rock-and-roll-y mixed with some hip-hop r'n'b tunes. I literally cannot stop listening to it, even when I don't, the music still running round and round in my head. My favourite song is No. 1 Party Anthem, it's a song about one night stand but somehow Alex Turner can make it very romantic. Alex Turner is the greatest lyricist in century. His wordplay is beyond amazing and I'm not saying this because I'm a massive fan of Arctic Monkey, I'm saying this because it's the truth.  And at this moment I'm playing Arctic Monkeys - Hold On We're Going Home (Drake Cover) on repeat. I listened to it for the first time last Friday on my way home from campus and I cried. Can you believe it? I cried in a bus like an idiot because of one song. But seriously, the song is great. It's not Arctic Monkeys covering Drake's song, it's like Drake covering Arctic Monkeys' song.

I'm gonna try to keep writing on this blog regularly even though I know that nobody reads it. But that's the point, right? So, until next time!

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