Jun 18, 2016

Friend's Wedding


One of me closest friends is getting married (and more to come later this year). I was happy to be able to 'help' her during her engagement day and pre-wedding photo session (it's my third time doing pre-wedding photoshoot). Not only that, me and my friends also held a bridal shower for her too because we're such a good bridesmaids ha ha ha.

Asty on her engagement day. Photo by me
Asty's Bridal Shower at Convivium Jakarta

Since Asty is the second oldest in our group of friends, I learnt a lot from her, especially about this whole wedding thingy. I realised it was not easy to held a big party like wedding, but I also realised that a big and expensive wedding are not really necessary, like the most important thing that you've got to spend the most important event in your life with your closest family and friends. But well, we live in a society that cares about all the unnecessary stuff. 

For her pre-wedding photoshoot, I did not give her a pro-bono service because I read somewhere that eventho you're not 'that' professional photographer, never give pro-bono service. So I charged her with a friendly price (of course). Since it's not free, I was pressured to gave her the most beautiful photos. I hope you like the photos, my dear friend. 

On her big day, the traffic jam was crazy. I drove for like 3hours or so. It's exhausting. But I managed to be on time before her akad. I am wishing her a long and happy wedding ahead.